Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect at my first appointment?

We understand that the first counselling session can feel a bit scary, so we are prepared to start at your pace. You will be offered a few forms to fill out and once the session begins, we will be ready to listen.

Are there evening and weekend appointments available?

Yes! There are a few evening appointments available and typically openings Saturdays during the day. 

Is there direct billing?

Most definitely with Blue Cross! With all other insurance companies, you would submit your receipt to be reimbursed. 

Who pays for therapy?

Private or Group Insurance
Most people have extended health care plans (such as Blue Cross, Sun Life, or Maritime Medical) either through their employers or privately; and virtually all these plans cover at least part of the cost of the services of a Registered Psychologist. Ask your benefits officer or insurance carrier for details. For more information about how to find out about your insurance coverage, please see Insurance.

Self-Paid Services
Clients may pay directly for psychological services.

Fees of a Registered Psychologist are deductible as a medical expense for income tax purposes but it is important to be aware that the fees of unregulated providers are not tax deductible.

What is your policy about confidentiality and sharing information?

Psychologists have strict ethical guidelines for protecting privacy and confidentiality. For more information about this, please see how privacy is protected.

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